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Untitled_Artwork 8.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 8.jpg

  Photo by Lively Creative Co. Check out my

very talented sister here.

About Me 

I am a 24-year-old digital artist living in the lovely Riverside area of Windsor, Ontario. When I'm not working on my digital art, I am working at my job at an optometrist's office. You may also find me at Riverside United Church laughing alongside a group of kids whom I adore and look forward to seeing every week.

On days off, you might find me cuddled with my rabbit, Lily, watching a true crime documentary and drinking hot chocolate.

About My Work

I have always excelled in all creative areas, especially visual arts. I have practiced traditional sketching and drawing using such materials as charcoal, pastel crayons, pencils, and markers. I am self-taught in art and in 2017 I challenged myself to teach myself and master digital artistry. Now, I am primarily a digital artist who's preferred software is Procreate.

About My Mission

Over the past few years of sharing my art on social platforms, meeting and connecting with other amazing artists all across the globe, and being inspired by other artists' efforts to make their art into successful businesses, I have seen three clear goals.

1. To create and to not stop creating.

2. To inspire others through my own dedication and talent.

3. To share the magic.

That last one there, that's the really important one to remember.

Go ahead, write it down.

Perhaps its graphic design work for a wedding. Maybe your logo needs a refresher. Maybe you just can't get enough of that loveable dog of yours and would like to see an illustration of him on your bedside table.

Whatever your creative need may be, let's share the magic that is servicing you a 100%-made-with-love piece of art (by yours truly.)

2010 - present
2010 - present